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Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


Stroked by sunshine and breeze on this beautiful Easter sunday, we cycled to Golden Gate Park for a glimpse of the famous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who are hosting their 36th Easter celebrations.



Pure enjoyment


As the funky music got louder, we knew we were near. When we got there, it was full of people, colours, and laughter. 


Aren't they cute?


Some 500 people, either dressed up to the top of their Easter bunny ears or not dressed very much at all, lying on the grass, drinking beer, enjoying the sunshine, or singing and dancing to the music, with their families, friends, or dogs.


Pretty and easy to wear


The dancers were introduced as men, women and all the others, and how they danced with super gyrations, leaps and bounce! 


Lovely arms


The stage wasn't big enough for them, so they joined the crowd, with lots of whoops and cheers as people joined in. 


People loved it!


The climax of the day was the ‘hunky Jesus’ contest with each contestant explaining why they should win. 


'Hunky Jesus' candidates


They offered the best account of the Bible story, but not everyone approves of course. There are people in America who prefer old time religion, have no love of gay people, and who think dinosaurs and humans were all made at the same time. One sign at the festival showed what the Sisters thought about that!

So do we!

The Sisters are actually a charity which does a lot of work in the community giving counselling and advice on safe sex, and help with drug issues, and recently raised $1m. One of the many climaxes in the show came when the Sisters leapt off the stage with giant buckets and collected thousands of dollars from the crowd.

Whoops, nearly forgot my favourite golden one!

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